Taste Tours

At Taste HQ our aim is simple,

“To provide exceptional customer experiences that allow you to make connections and empower your passions.”

Because we know that great experiences are best shared.

our mission

Making connections, Driving passions, Enjoying Life !

We are passionate about food and drink and we know that you are too.

We appreciate the skill and love that people put into their products for us to enjoy.

At Taste HQ, we try to devise tours that have the right blend. People with shared interests, looking for similar experiences, trying to understanding the elements that make for an exceptional customer experience.

That’s why we put so much effort into trying to describe who each tour is designed for, because we know how important it is to share the journey.

These three words have driven us all of our lives, and we know that making connections between people with similar interests and shared values makes for a rich and enjoyable life. Let us help you with your journey!


Along with the love of the outdoors and the beauty of the natural environment. We are blessed with breathtaking views, stunning scenery and exhilarating walks, all within a stones throw (ferry ride) of Melbourne.