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The beers we have on tasting today are;

Buzz Honey Lager

A Honey Lager brewed from all German grains and Hops with a lush hit of orange blossom honey. A rich taste without the sugar hit that you may expect from a honey lager. An extra grain is added to the brewing process to give the beer a bit of body. ABV 4.2%

Boston Cream

An American style pale ale, using pale and crystal malts and a combination of hops including classic American hops for a subtle citrus finish. A balanced restrained application of hops resulting in a smashable creamy ale. ABV 5%

Oatmeal Stout

Full flavoured malty stout made with all English malts and hops. It has excellent body and smoothness with chocolate, roasted coffee beans and liquorice overtones. This is a complex flavoursome stout with a fine bitter finish. ABV 5.4 %

Rogers Reserve IPA

Warm, roasted dark toffee and dried fruit overtones balanced against a slight hop bitterness. The sweet full flavours are cut through with a sharp clean finish. ABV 6%

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